The viewer walks through a large car park to enter the building. The first encounter is with a sliding cage door, through which the sound of a lullaby can be heard. The room is empty except for a shiny black table, upon which rests a baby monitor (parent part). It is from here that the sound of the lullaby comes. The baby monitor shows the facade of a building.

Installation view

The next encounter is with a large empty room, illuminated only by two street lamps outside, and the light from a red corridor at the end of the room.

The viewer enters the red corridor which leads downstairs to a basement. The walls are painted pink and have figurative and abstract graffiti marks. Some gestures have been erased with differing tones of pink.

The viewer then enters a final room, filled only with a table, an architectural model, a lamp, and the baby monitor (baby part) playing the lullaby music. The model is a ten-year-old proposal for the redevelopment of the building in which the exhibition takes place.

Photographs by Damian Griffiths